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Ousia Pharma

Paving the way for novel therapeutic strategies using peptide-drug-conjugates


Ousia ['usja], from Greek; "essence"-Ousia Pharma arose from a unique discovery in academia and was quickly transformed into a biotechnology company. Ousia Pharma is paving the way for novel therapeutic strategies using peptide-drug-conjugates for the benefit of patients with metabolic and cognitive disorders.

Who are we?

Ousia Pharma ApS is a Danish biotech start-up focused on the development of novel peptide-drug conjugates for the treatment of cognitive disorders and metabolic diseases. We utilize a targeting approach in which peptides are used to deliver modulators of synaptic plasticity to the brain.

The Team

Anders Bue.jpeg

Anders Bue Klein

Co-Founder, CEO, PhD in neuroscience Anders Bue Klein has a strong background in molecular metabolism and pharmocology with an impressive academic track record and has previously held an Assistant Professor position at the NNF Center for Basic Metabolic Research

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Christoffer Clemmensen

Co-Founder, CSO, PhD in metabolism, Group Leader (Clemmensen Lab) Christoffer Clemmensen leads an academic laboratory at the NNF Center for Basic Metabolic Research and has held various international positions at highly ranked research institutions

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Jonas Odgaard.jpeg

Jonas O. Petersen

Co-Founder, COO, PhD in medicinal chemistry Besides his PhD in medicinal chemistry, Jonas O. Petersen holds a Master of Engineering in Advancend Chemistry

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Flora Alexopoulou.jpeg

Flora Alexopoulou

Research Scientist, PhD in medicinal chemistry Flora Alexopoulou has industrial research experience from her PhD and holds a Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Valdemar Johansen

Junior Analyst, BSc in Molecular Biomedicine Valdemar Johansen is currently studying Molecular Biomedicine at the Master's degree level

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Board of Directors

Ian Laquian

Ian Laquian

Chairman of the Board, MSc, MBA, serial entrepreneur, Kariya, Lophora, Avilex

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Mikael Thomsen

PhD in endocrinology, serial entrepreneur (e.g. Kariya, Lophora, Avilex)

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Mikael Ragner_edited.jpg

Jeppe R. Andersen

MSc, MBA, CEO at Sanos

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Morten Toft.jpeg

Morten Toft

MSc, HD-R, CFO at Green2x

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We are dedicated to developing effective and safe pharmacotherapies to improve the health and lives of people living with metabolic and cognitive disorders


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